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We,the Quaynor Family warmly welcome you to this site, which is the ideal place to plan your visit to Ghana.

ghana flag in paintCrystalline Hostel and Tours is a new phenomenon in the hospitality industry in Ghana and in Africa. We represent the proverbial Ghanaian hospitality in its real form.

As Managing Proprietors of the Crystalline Hostel, we are resident on the hostel premises and therefore we stay and live with you as a member of the Quaynor family. You have access to any facility in the house. You may choose to attend any social gathering with us if you have time. We introduce to Ghanaian traditions and cultures, and make you to taste popular Ghanaian dishes.

We make you feel and know Ghana from within i.e. get you into close contact with the locals, our cultures and traditions. You indeed feel as if you are in your own home away from your own home.

The Quaynors are a family of four members namely:

  • Seth - the head of the house who guests prefer to call Uncle
  • Naomi - the mistress who is popularly called Aunty and
  • Daughters – Barbara and Millicent.

Seth and Naomi were formerly Bank officials who by virtue of their former profession have travelled all over Ghana and therefore have a wide knowledge about Ghana, its people and cultures. They are therefore quite informed about Ghana.